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How to Start a creative writing essay?

As the snowfall falls previously heavier and the temperature falls ever before reduced in the writer's home town, she ventures out into an environment of white.

Married for two decades, gladly separated for six, the author vowed never to wed again—except in role of officiant.

"I can’t think about my mommy, that is dying gradually and furiously. My grief is an unpacked package of sharp pieces stacked in a dark storeroom; we lug around a catalog of unfinished company."

Winner: Ideal Essay Prize, "Marriage"

One simple equation compels the writer to simply take a fifth travel along the aisle

If you are wracked with joint pain, you certainly do not need a-weather man to learn which method the wind hits

"once I ended up being nine years of age we started using piano classes. once I was nine yrs . old I got my own library card. When I ended up being nine yrs . old I happened to be identified as having lupus. When I ended up being nine yrs . old ..."

Winner: ideal Essay reward, "Mistakes"

Two women pregnant on top of that by the exact same man.

Insomnia in Lorca's Madrid

I am victim on nocturnal creaks within my mind and poor into the town creatures that stir during the night. I will be lonely but not alone. No one is asleep in this town. No-one. No one.

The scratching & hammering & tapping of composing

One of the things that we never mention whenever we talk about writing is the noise and fragrance and sensuality of it, the scratching and hammering and tapping, the pitter of pencils plus the scribble and scrawl of pens, the quiet mumble of electric...

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