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Welcome to the Harvard help guide to Using resources. As a required text for your Expos training course, the Guide introduces you to definitely the basic principles of using resources in scholastic papers. You're going to be likely to understand these principles while you compose papers at Harvard, both for your Expos course and also for the programs you may simply take beyond Expos.

If you use sources in academic writing, you engage in a conversation with scholars whoever work you have been expected to see, evaluate, or talk about inside classes. Into the programs you can expect to simply take at Harvard, your teachers will expose you to the major debates and questions inside their industries and invite one to get in on the scholarly discussion by writing your papers. Within the after that four many years, you're going to be asked to take into account various kinds of resources as you investigate different questions. So that you can endure your end associated with scholarly conversation within these different situations, you will have to discover how to utilize sources effortlessly and responsibly.

Your Expos program will introduce you to the principles of writing with resources which can be typical across the disciplines, along with into the variations you could encounter as you move from program to program.

As you consult this Guide, you should keep in mind that information offered here is made to be an introduction to your procedure of using resources in college, instead of an exhaustive help guide to using resources in every area or every program. Comprehending the information presented right here will mark an important step-in your procedure for discovering how-to build relationships other people's tips and just how to deal with those tips with respect, but the means of learning about origin use will continue through your four many years at Harvard—and beyond. You'll be met with various situations as the study and writing becomes more complex, and you'll need to make sure you understand how-to grapple with resources in these circumstances.

Although this Guide offers helpful research information in each section, it is designed as a text that ought to be look over from beginning to end. Once you've read the whole Guide, you'll then have an improved notion of which areas you'll want to review at various things in your study process. The Guide is divided in to six sections:

•"the reason why Use resources?" provides an overview of what you will be anticipated regarding resources in college writing.

•"Locating resources" provides a brief introduction towards the Harvard libraries, along with a web link to a particular analysis resource for freshman that the librarians are suffering from.

•"Evaluating resources" describes the concerns you ought to ask as you see whether certain resources tend to be dependable and suited to your project.

•"Avoiding Plagiarism" provides an in-depth explanation of exactly what comprises plagiarism and just how to prevent it. The Harvard College Administrative Board wants all students to possess read and comprehended this material, and you're accountable for doing this.

•"Integrating resources" provides assistance about how to integrate the tips from sources into the report.

•"Citing resources" contains citation instances in MLA design and APA design, including a link into Chicago handbook of design.

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