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This example talks about one particular method to compose good paragraph for IELTS. In addition to secret is ease: it is as simple as 1 2 3. If you have a listing of points which will make, I’d recommend the simplest way to get it done would be to count the points. Firstly, I present some useful language. Subsequently, we describe why it really is of use. Finally, I demonstrate utilizing it in 2 test sentences from current IELTS papers.

Useful connecting language

Here's some recommended language:

one point/argument/reason/idea is

one more point/argument/reason/idea is

another point/argument/reason/idea is

once more,



Isn’t this also easy? Shouldn’t i personally use additionally and in addition

The brief response to this is certainly no. Possibly the most readily useful explanation to offer usually this is basically the language i personally use myself and I also want to teach the language I use. I don’t usage “moreover” and “furthermore” The second explanation is that inside IELTS exam you want to keep your structure language simple. It’s a sad truth that too many candidates make blunders in making use of “moreover” and “furthermore”.

I want to emphasise this 1 real benefit to that way is it makes writing much easier. Once you have written: “One reason..”, you understand you are likely to begin your following phrase “Another reason”. Your writing automatically gets to be more coherent.

How can I make use of it?

You need to be somewhat careful here since it won’t always be proper. It works most useful when you yourself have to publish a paragraph and you have a few ideas which you can’t develop over a sentence. Just what it can is create your writing much more coherent – which’s 25% of your markings.

Three examples

This technique works specifically well in questions like this present IELTS composing topic where you are asked to go over a plural subject: “responsibilities”.

Some individuals believe paying taxes is sufficient to play a role in culture. Others believe being a citizen requires more obligations. Something your opinion?

You can find, however, other obligations we owe our society. You're that teenagers should either do army solution or some community work prior to starting their particular careers. An additional usually in certain nations people don't just possess to vote however they are indeed obliged to vote by-law. Once again, it really is arguable the best off within a society must provide for the underprivileged through charity work.

This method can be useful in essays where you stand asked to talk about the advantage and disadvantages of an issue. Here is another present IELTS topic:

Some people working abroad bring their family to reside together with them for a period of time. You think it has even more advantages or disadvantages?

Here is my test paragraph discussing the drawbacks:

Perhaps the most critical downside is price. Typically, it will be higher priced for folks working abroad to aid their families in the host nation where cost of living is greater. Another drawback is that the children’s knowledge could be interrupted when they have to go to college internationally. Thirdly, it may possibly be very difficult when it comes to household to incorporate if they're unable to speak the language.

There are, however, equally strong arguments against making college compulsory until the age of 18. One particular argument is that not every person is educational and that many people benefit much more from vocational training. For example, someone who would like to become an automobile auto mechanic may find better instruction plus satisfaction in an apprentice scheme. Another related debate usually, in today’s globe, young people tend to be maturing more and more quickly and capable of making unique life decisions because of the age 16.


  1. All of my sentences starts with a brief easy phrase: this is certainly a very great routine to find yourself in.
  2. You could find yourself repeating specific words such as “argument”: this is in fact the best thing whilst helps the coherence of writing. It isn't always proper to alter your vocabulary.
  3. There was some flexibility in tips on how to combine these connecting terms
  4. All of sentences includes 2/3 points. I’d claim that that's about correct if you are going to test this technique.

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