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GRE Analytical Composing Argument Essay Topic - 49

Listed here is a letter towards the editor of a development magazine.

"demonstrably, the successful use of robots on missions to explore space before 20 years demonstrates that robots could possibly be more and more used to do factory work better, efficiently, and profitably than human factory workers. Making use of robots in industrial facilities would offer a few advantages. First, robots never ever get sick, so absenteeism would-be paid down. Second, robots usually do not make errors, so industrial facilities would increase their production. Eventually, the utilization of robots would additionally improve the morale of factory workers, since factory work are so dull that many employees is glad to shift to much more interesting kinds of tasks."

GRE AWA Analytical Writing Argument Essay Sample Solution - 49

Inside argument, mcdougal has determined that making use of robots for factory work would improve factory performance. The author has actually determined the editorial by mentioning that robots have now been utilized effortlessly in many area missions within the last few twenty years. Also, the writer promises that using robots in industrial facilities would lower absenteeism because robots never ever become ill, improve output because robots usually do not make mistakes, and enhance factory-worker morale since these workers can move to less dull tasks. But mcdougal's debate is unconvincing in a number of vital areas.

This argument will depend on the hasty presumption your style of work that robots perform in area is comparable to the job carried out in factories. Really, there's a huge difference between the two surroundings. It's not required that robots would-be as efficient in factory jobs since they are in space missions. The risk in outer space exploration is much more than the risk taking part in factory work. Hence, its a great deal more possible to make use of robots without humans for these types of dangerous work. The effectiveness of robots in room missions could be as a result of the weightless environment of area or could be the normal space-mission robot performs less work than a normal factory robot could be needed to do. Therefore, its incorrect regarding the author's component to compare both forms of work and assume that robots is going to be effective in factory work additionally.

The second argument, that the writer cites, is robots don't fall ill but he has got maybe not considered that robots get damaged, need replacing, or break up. If so, it's very difficult to repair or change a robot. A robot might actually never be absent through the office, nonetheless it however may possibly not be capable meet its assigned tasks. Additionally, if a human being falls ill, it is easy to ask someone to operate in the place but it is hard to replace a damaged robot. Mcdougal's claim that the usage of robots would increase factory production because robots usually do not make mistakes can be questionable. The writer has actually forgotten that robots tend to be set by their particular peoples masters. More over, robots may do only the benefit that they are programmed, while their human alternatives are flexible in a lot of areas. The writer hasn't provided any research to prove that result of industrial facilities would increase when they replace their particular factory employees with robots.

Eventually, the writer said that morale of factory employees would enhance if robots were utilized in production facilities as they possibly can change their particular tasks to much more interesting tasks. But the author has not supplied assurance that when factory employees were reassigned to other kinds of jobs their morale would enhance. On the other hand, the working environment may well be more tense as you will see less social interaction. It could hurt the morale and sentiments of employees. In addition, those who are remaining is going to be in a consistent state of anxiety as they begin to be not sure of the jobs.

Inside the support, the writer should have supplied evidence that robots may do same kind of act as factory workers do. He should have examined all sorts of opportunities in details, for robots to be used in industrial facilities.

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